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When man first put a colored concoction onto his hands and placed a picture of the animals that surrounded his world onto the damp wall of a cave, humans began the process of writing to communicate with others.  Some stayed with depicting their environment through the art of painting.  Others discovered symbols to convey their thoughts.  I'm the latter.  From resumes and cover letters, to employment prospecting letters, to personal and legal documents....from tech writing for those manual and procedure descriptions, to copy advertising for your small business... I write them all.  I also specialize in transcriptions of audio files, and typing manuscripts from PDF files to Word. 

I'm not an unapproachable, large writing franchise.  I work from my home office and because of that, I can keep my rates down for those who need what I offer.  I don't see myself as the end all and be all of my writing projects.  I rely on my client input to give them the writing they need and deserve.  While I might not agree with what a client would like, I concede to their ideas and will utilize them in their project to my best ability.

Since 1977, I've been creating the writing that help people get the interviews they need, among other things.  Only you can get the job, but it's been and still is, my pleasure in knowing that I've helped to make a resume with strategically placed words and correct formatting that bring the interviews.  The path to employment. particularly in these troubling  times, is a difficult and bumpy trip.  It can seem at times like walking with a pebble in your shoe!

Do you have a jumpy work history, with many job changes in a given year or two?

Have you tried to enjoy retirement, only to now find you'll have to put yourself out there to hopefully gain employment again?

Was there a problem on a previous job that made you less than desirable for future employment?

Maybe you're doing a complete change of profession, a transition to something new that you don't have much experience in yet?

Or, are you a brand new job seeker who has never had a resume, and now you're ready to join the workforce?

I can help you along the way and get you to your destination, whether it's a resume or an article you need to have ghosted.

From those cave paintings to straight lines of a stylus made on clay tablets, humans have been passing on their thoughts and information.  We continue to do that today.  I'm a scribe.  I write for those who can't.