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Who I am

Since 1984, Susan Wilson has provided resumes to countless job seekers in her area.  With the experience and creativity she shows in her other writing elements, Susan’s clients have always received her unique understanding not only for the craft of resume writing, but also the experience to listen to the wants and hopes of those calling her for assistance.

      Always keyword enriched, Susan’s resumes and KSAs are customized to the individual’s relevant skills, strengths and aptitudes.  Seeking employment today is a competitive art. Susan conscientiously does all she can to give job seekers the lead on the path to gaining interviews.  

      Whether returning seniors needing to find work again, or new job hunters… from administrative, IT professionals, to those in the medical field or sales executives, to seekers with less than stellar employment histories, Susan sees all clients on an even playing field seeing to it that their wishes are met.

       With an acute sense of correctly formatting to the needs of each position looked for, Susan’s formatting skills are incomparable.  She sees to it that all formatting styles are created for you to maximize your success in finding the position you want.

        A Gresham resident since 1977, Susan has also worked in the mainstream as successful sales executive, and as a prolific writer/journalist for The Oregonian.  Her writing style spans many genres, with a particular fondness for the juvenile market. 

        Covering more than just top quality resumes, Susan creates advertising copy that will enhance your business output and bring in revenue, as well as produce web content, LinkedIn profiles, and bios for the entertainment industry.  Her experience spans decades, but her skills are always up-to-date to provide the best writing available.