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All Writing Service Rates


I request that payment be made at the beginning of projects at the time of your appointment. I accept cash, money order, or a personal check.  Paypal (or any other online payment services)  is no longer accepted due to many fraud issues related to those sites. I always supply a Paid-in-Full receipt for your records.  If paying by personal check, I don't wait for them to clear before beginning work on your documents.

All documents archived for one year to cover future changes/additions:

Pkg. A.......

Resume in PDF

Resume in Word format

Cover Letter ..................$95.00

Pkg. B......

Resume in PDF

Resume in Word format

Cover Letter

Thank-you Letter (important to send within 3 days of interview)


Pkg. C.......

Resume in ATS format (Applicant Tracking System)

Resume in PDF

Resume in Word format

Cover Letter

Thank-you Letter (important to send within 3 days of interview)

Follow-up Letter ( sent 2 weeks from interview)

Reference sheet .....$125.00 

ATS Formatted Resume from existing document.....$40.00

ATS conversion from current resume....$60.00


If you already have your resume covered, but have a dream position(s) you would

like to inquire about, I will create 5 targeted Prospecting Letters introducing you to the employer you would like to work for....$100.00


The Magnificent 7

The 7 most  important letters that everyone needs for a successful job search. Recommended for those who already have a resume they're happy with. Do not under estimate the power of well written letters for your job search. They are AS important as a well crafted resume. These letters are only sold as a complete package and will cover your job inquiries of the 5 dream companies you wish to work for.

5 each:

Prospecting letter

Application letter

Cover letter

Thank you letter (aka "follow-up")

Acceptance letter

Withdrawal letter

Rejection letter......$150.00


Press Releases.....$75.00

Bios .......$75.00

LinkedIn Profiles....$75.00

Advertising Copy.... $90.00

Transcription of audio files....rates dependent on length/clarity of file sent. Please contact me for rates.

If you have a good command of the English language, but need assistance in how to put the words on paper, or not sure something you've written is done correctly regarding grammar etc,  I will go over your document to make sure it's clear and understandable as to what you want to convey.  Depending on the size of the document, this is normally in the $75.00 range.

Letters ( Letters of Intent, Personal and Business, Living Wills, "Judgement Proof" Letters to creditors).... $100.00

Wordprocessing....rate dependent on size of project

Manuscript reading/proofing.....please contact for rate

Family memoirs ...... please contact for rate